PDPW Dairy’s Visible Voice®

Posted October 17th, 2018

The Dairy's Foundation seeks to shape a proactive and prepared dairy community, ready to meet challenges. One key way to bring this to life is to help dairy producers become more effective at communicating what happens on the farm today. PDPW’s Dairy’s Visible Voice training series teaches listening, speaking and communication skills necessary for farms to engage positively with their communities.

“Every farm should appoint someone to be its ‘visible voice.’ Public communication is not comfortable for everyone, and yet it is very much needed as we interact more and more with consumers and others in the food system. We are doing so many wonderful things on our farms and we need to tell these stories! Dairy’s Visible Voice training is a key way our dairy farms can be proactive and prepared for the challenges ahead.” - Mitch Breunig, Dairy Farmer, Sauk City