There is satisfaction in helping others help themselves.

If you’d like to be a part of our aim to build communities and provide sustainable tools that help people feed themselves, we welcome you.

Dairy’s Foundation® strives to make a lasting impact that transcends our own spheres of influence. We know that educational programs help us reach people and connect with their circles effectively. The programs are also fun and engaging for attendees and have a “compounding-interest” effect in the lives of others.

There are many ways of giving; and some of these will fit seamlessly in the way you already live life. Whether you choose to give once and give big or you prefer to give a little all the time, you’ll find an option here to suit you.

“At GEA Farm Technologies, we strongly believe the success of our industry is based heavily on continued education, and we proudly support the Dairy's Foundation so we can help dairy producers grow personally and professionally – and so their operations thrive.”

Keith Engel
GEA Farm Technologies

If you’re just meeting us for the first time, please know that no matter how you give, you’re helping us tap into synergies that benefit neighborhoods near and far.

There are multiple giving options – check them out in this preview!

Find yourself agreeing with what Dairy’s Foundation stands for? Join the “believers” who – like you – love knowing your gift will impact thousands of lives and careers across our country, and into future generations.

Generous donors allow Dairy’s Foundation to accomplish big things – and in a hurry. If you see your ability to give as a blessing, your gift can help us make big leaps toward bringing some of these dairy producer dreams to life:

  • Working with family and community to share our farm-to-table story
  • Committing across multiple generations to the care of our animals, land, and water
  • Producing high-quality, wholesome milk
  • Introducing the farming way of life to others in our community – even if they have no previous experience

Our dairy producers love this way of life and recognize that continuous self-improvement is the most responsible way to make a living, work professionally, and support the families of those around them.

If you’re already a donor, thank you for your continued support and sharing our vision.

Whether you are an individual giving your first gift, a seasoned philanthropist, or a company steeped in service, the “I Believe” way of giving is your home base for giving and making an impact!

Donate Now

“I am a fervent believer in the future of the dairy industry. It is important to have many different resources available to inform people in the dairy industry about any given subject. It is also very important to have uncommitted funds available to do that.”

Al Koepke
Koepke Farms

Make your ‘I Believe’ gift special by adding emotion, meaning and purpose. Most of the successes any of us can claim for ourselves are the indirect result of someone’s encouragement or coaching. A memorial in their name pays tribute to those who left a legacy you want to see remain alive and well.

If you feel compelled to honor a loved one now during this life or honor their legacy with an in-memoriam gift, supporting farmers' passion for life-long learning and continuous improvement is a beautiful way to complement their legacy.

Make a Gift

The Two Cents for Tomorrow campaign is an automated, convenient way for servant dairy farmers to pledge an ongoing two cents per hundredweight of milk sold from their farm to support Dairy’s Foundation – thereby supporting their own present and future opportunities for success.

“Our goal is to offer a viable business opportunity that gives the next generation all the career and lifestyle benefits that dairy farming provided us. We contribute to the Dairy's Foundation because we have benefited from educational programs on our dairy.”

Russ and Laura Warmka
Warmka Holsteins

If you are interested in giving in this manner or discussing this option further, please call us at 800-947-7379 or email

Let’s Connect

When you find yourself “setting things in order,” keep in mind our Planned Giving option. All that you’ve worked hard to generate can continue making an impact for years to come.

Your planned gift to the Dairy's Foundation is a business decision, as well as a testament to the importance of lifelong learning, during your lifetime and beyond.

Whether your family is in a time of transition, or you are ensuring the future for your heirs, planned giving is an opportunity to leave your legacy now or after your lifetime.

Benefits of planned giving could include:

  • Reduce income taxes
  • Avoid capital-gain tax
  • Retain payments for life

Planned giving allows you to establish a business plan that allows you to reach your financial goals, ensure provisions are made for your loved ones and to make an impact on the next generation that will lead the dairy industry into the future.

Types of planned giving include:

  • Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Stocks, Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Assets/IRAs
  • Charitable Remainder Annuities & Trust
  • Government Savings Bonds

When you make a planned gift to Dairy’s Foundation, you know that your gifts are used wisely and in support of producer-driven education initiatives, both locally and nationally.

Our strategic direction is set by dairy farmers, for dairy farmers, and our competitive granting program ensures that any dairy community can apply for funds that will bring great educational ideas to light.

If you are interested in moving forward or discussing this option further, please call us at 800-947-7379 or email

Let’s Connect

Our Silent Auction is one of the events our members and colleagues have come to look forward to each year. Typically held in conjunction with the annual PDPW Business Conference, this event is not only an opportunity to support the work of Dairy’s Foundation, it’s also an occasion to showcase your creative talents, like home-made woodworking projects, entryway horseshoe coat racks, garden and lawn ornaments, artfully gathered collections of artisanal crackers, jams and cheeses, or offer experiential gifts others may not have access to, like Packer tickets, or a week-long getaway at a vacation time-share.

Some people find themselves wanting to give to the Silent Auction but find it more convenient to give a cash money gift for Dairy’s Foundation to put toward items; consider this option if you want to be part of this exciting event.

Oh, and plan to peruse the items at the next Silent Auction. It’s true that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive,” but purchasing items on the Silent Auction is a fantastic experience, too.

What a great way to support a good cause!

Inquire About Donation Support with Cash Gift

There’s something about having a birthday that prompts us to be thankful for what we have – and are able to pay forward. Through Facebook you can initiate and publish a fundraising campaign within your circle of Facebook friends (and theirs!) The gifts raised will be released to Dairy’s Foundation at the beginning of the following month. Visit Facebook to learn how to get started today.

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