Altoona-Blair Agriculture Career Day

Posted October 17th, 2018

Altoona-Blair County Development Corp held a two-day career day at Kulp Family Dairy Farm near Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. 1200 seventh graders focused on a multitude of dairy farm career opportunities including veterinary science, agronomy, accounting/finance, information technology, genetics, insurance and more. Sixteen interactive stations allowed students to experience a modern dairy farm and to become aware of the many career options available to them.

“We need young people to realize that you don’t need to grow up on a farm to have a successful career in agriculture. Many students are not aware of the various occupations they have access to on a farm. Anything the community does to educate the public and especially young people about modern agriculture and the fact that it is a business that touches many lives and careers is a benefit to all of us.” - David Hileman, Hilecrest Farms