Plant a Seed Campaign Results for Rural America

May 18, 2022
Contact: Emily Franke
“Plant a Seed” Campaign a Success for Rural America
Juneau, Wis. – Four teams of dairy farmers and dairy industry professionals recently concluded a friendly competition to raise funds to support the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation, also known as Dairy’s Foundation. The “Plant a Seed, Inspire A Dream” campaign raised $69,560.
“We appreciate the hard work of the volunteers and all of the donors in the Plant a Seed Campaign who are giving back to the industry they love,” said Brian Forrest, chairman of Dairy’s Foundation board of directors and dairy farmer from Stratford, Wis. “Now more than ever, rural America needs a vibrant, sustainable dairy community, and programming supported by Dairy’s Foundation helps build the leaders that will lead our industry and communities into the future.”
The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation strives to identify emerging educational needs in the dairy industry and help fill gaps in funding for new or innovative programs that don’t already exist. It is the only national foundation through which dollars are managed by dairy farmers, with a grant program also available for organizations and groups around the country to request funding twice a year.
The “Plant a Seed” campaign featured four teams – Dream, Vision, Impact and Inspire – with Team Inspire raising the most funds in 2022. The teams were led by captains Steven Vale, Floyd Sutton, Brian Forrest, and Joan Behr, respectively. Team members included Peter Curran, Kim Keesey, Mark Diederichs, Sonia Rarick, Tom Lohr, Matt Repinski, Kim Bremmer, Jon Rasmussen, Jim Mlsna, Mitch Breunig, Charlie Crave, Jeff Montsma, Keith Engel, Andrew Skwor, Steven Orth, Somula Schwoeppe, Nick Luth, Christina Winch and Marty Hallock.
Every dollar donated multiplied thanks to matching funds from the following industry partners: CP Feeds, Compeer Financial, Northside Elevator and Eurofins.
The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation was established by Professional Dairy Producers in 2002 as a way to raise funds and awards grants for educational programs. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity. Our mission is to share ideas, resources and experiences about important issues surrounding the dairy industry through educational opportunities for dairy producers and the public.