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Every dollar donated multiplies thanks to matching funds from CP Feeds ($10,000), Northside Elevator, Inc. ($5,000), MAC Contractors ($5,000), Compeer ($3,000) and Pipping Concrete ($2,000).
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Producing food for your family and ours – that’s what America’s dairy farmers do.

The farm-to-table cycle involves more than meets the eye. Just like other professionals, the producers of your food rely on continuous education, professional development and peer-to- peer learning opportunities with colleagues and industry experts.

Nurturing the next generation of dairy leaders, developing the skills of current dairy producers, and strengthening the bond of public trust between consumers and producers is what we do.

And we count on your help to do it.

Dairy’s Foundation® raises funds and awards grants to support educational initiatives. We work to build a professional, proactive, and prepared dairy sector united through continuous improvement.

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Build producer professionalism and maintain public trust with funding from Dairy’s Foundation.

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Farmers and agribusiness that support Dairy’s Foundation strengthen the fabric of rural America by advancing a legacy of continuous improvement for the dairy industry.



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Our vision is one in which communities across the nation are undergirded by a professional, proactive, prepared dairy industry, collaborating with neighbors, and uniting through educational programs. Your gifts allow our vision to send down roots across the nation. With your contributions, Dairy’s Foundation supports educational programs aligned with our core objectives.

No matter how you give, you’re helping us tap into synergies that benefit neighborhoods near and far.

There are multiple giving options that will help align with your philanthropic goals.

Together we can change lives

America’s dairy farmers are an important part of our rural communities and local economies.
Together, we can ensure that our farm families remain viable and socially responsible for generations to come.

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Many of our industry partners have asked how they can contribute consistently and significantly.
These giving levels allow for mutual benefits as we collectively aim to enhance the dairy industry and impact.

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