Youth Leadership Derby wows students

Fun, hands-on weekend generates enthusiasm for careers in production dairy among teenagers.

It seems the 2009 Youth Leadership Derby held in Milton, Wis., will have a lasting positive influence on the approximately 80 students who attended. Here are just a few of the comments heard by Darci O’Brien from PDPW.

“Wow! We learned about stomachs, rumens and all those good bacteria that help a cow digest grass and other things that you and I can't. This was one of many "hands-on" activities. We learned a lot of neat things in this lab.”

“Thank you to the Milton High School and Milton FFA Alumni for making our experience at the PDPW Youth Leadership Derby exceptional.”

“Youth Leadership Derby participants say ‘Cheese and thank you!’ to the PDPW members and sponsors who made the 2009 event possible.”

2009 marked the fifth year for this event, which is made possible by event sponsors and PDPW, and by gifts to the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation.

Students learn and laugh together.