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Two teams led by two servant leaders to cultivate a legacy of learning.
Current Voting Results*

Team Inspire

Captain: Mark Diederichs

Team members

  • Keith Engel, GEA Farm Technologies
  • Steve Vale, Novus and PDPF board member
  • Joan Behr, PDPF board member
  • Linda Hodorff, Second Look Holsteins and PDPF board member
  • Eric Hillan, Rusk Rose Holsteins
  • Logan Bower, Pleasant View Farms
  • Mark Diederichs, Breeze Dairy Group, LLC and PDPF board member

Team Impact

Captain: Jeff Montsma

Team members

  • Kevin Griswold, Tag Lane Dairy and PDPF board member
  • John Kappelman, Cereal Byproducts and PDPF board member
  • Ed Strauss, Majestic Crossing Dairy
  • Marty Hallock, Mar-Bec Dairy
  • Jim Mlsna, Ocooch Dairy and PDPF board member
  • Sandy Larson, Larson Acres
  • Jeff Montsma, Agropur Inc. and PDPF board member

*All results are updated daily at 2 p.m. CST.

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