The Two Cents for Tomorrow campaign is producer led. The following producers have demonstrated their industry leadership by pledging Two Cents for Tomorrow:

  • Blue Star Dairy Farms, Meinholz Family
  • Brickstead Dairy LLC, Brick Family
  • Chapman Farms Dairy LLC
  • Clover Hill Dairy LLC, Bonlender Family
  • Collins Dairy LLC   
  • Crave Brothers Farm  
  • Fetzer Farms Inc.   
  • Four Mile Creek Dairy LLC, Kusilek Family
  • Gold Star Dairy Farms LLC
  • Hilltop Dairy, LLC, Greenfield Family
  • Holsum Elm and Irish Dairies
  • Knigge Farms 
  • Krentz Family Dairy Inc.   
  • Kutz Dairy LLC
  • Lake Breeze Dairy LLC  
  • Larson Acres  
  • Majestic Crossing Dairy   
  • Maple Ridge Dairy Business LLC
  • Merry-Water Farms Inc., York Family
  • More-to-Do Dairy, Knoepke Family
  • Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Breunig Family


  • Norm-E-Lane, Meissner Family 
  • Ocooch Dairy, Mlsna Family  
  • Pine Breeze Dairy, LLC 
  • Pleasant View Farms, Logan Bower
  • Redtail Ridge Dairy, Thome Family      
  • Roden Echo Valley
  • Ruedinger Farms   
  • Running Creek Dairy, Schaefer Family
  • Rusk Rose Holsteins Inc., Hillan Family
  • Schmitz East Branch Dairy
  • Second Look Holsteins, Hodorff Family
  • Senland Farms, Senn Family    
  • Soaring Eagle Dairy, Fitzgerald Family
  • SunRay Dairy LLP, Larson Family
  • Strutz Farms Inc. 
  • Sugar Creek Dairy, Adams Family
  • Tag Lane Dairy Farm, Griswold Family
  • Tauchen Harmony Valley Inc.  
  • Wagner Farms Inc. 
  • Warmka Holsteins 
  • Wayside Dairy LLC, Natzke Family
  • William & JoAnn Maedke

The Foundation is very grateful to these producers for their dedication and generosity.

Featured Donor
I believe the bond we share with our consumers will only be strengthened as we engage them and tell the story of the nutritious and wholesome products we produce. I believe this will allow our children and grandchildren to follow in our footsteps.
— Mitch Breunig, dairy producer, Sauk City, Wis.
I believe in dairying not only because of the food we raise but also because of the families they cultivate and the future leaders that they are helping create.
— Hank Wagner, dairy producer, Oconto Falls, Wis.
I believe in the Foundation as our tool to look out on the horizon and give us the capacity to raise funds for future issues.
— Deb Reinhart, dairy producer, Chilton, Wis.
I believe that even though all of us in the dairy industry likely love cows and tractors, people are by far the most important asset. People are what make this wonderful industry what it is. Our industry is filled with incredible business men and women, skilled professionals and tremendous families. One of the reasons that I am a believer in the Foundation is because they are taking great people and making them even better.
— Hank Wagner, dairy producer, Oconto Falls, Wis.
I believe the future of the dairy industry is as strong as ever. The creativity of producers to find new markets and niches is limited only by our imagination.
— Mitch Breunig, dairy producer, Sauk City, Wis.
"Our family has a long history in the dairy industry and we want it to continue for the next generation.  Our goal is to offer a viable business opportunity that gives the next generation all the career and lifestyle benefits that dairy farming provides.  We contribute to the Foundation because we have benefited from educational programs on our dairy."
— Russ and Laura Warmka, Warmka Holsteins
"We donate to the Foundation because giving back to your community and the next generation is the height of professionalism.  We have seen the good things that can happen if dairy producers work together.  We believe in the value of dairy producers standing up for themselves and controlling their destiny."
— Deb Reinhart, Gold Star Farms