Featured Donor

Dan Brick
Owner, Brickstead Dairy Greenleaf, WI

Investing Two Cents Cwt. Into Dairy's Future


Throughout your career, you likely have been fortunate to have someone encourage and mentor you.  In a business as dynamic as dairy, it’s critical that we take time to help others, seek advice and continue learning throughout our lives. That’s why the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation sponsors the PDPW Mentor Program---so we can pass on those lessons learned to the next generation of dairy leaders, and open their eyes through on-farm experience and networking.

The Two Cents for Tomorrow campaign is professional dairy producers and their families pledging their ongoing "two cents" to support programs consistent with our strategic vision.

The goal is to turn two cents from every cwt. of milk into two million dollars' worth of investment in our future. When Two Cents becomes two million dollars, we can create opportunities for the next generation to succeed in an industry that is financially fit, socially responsible and sustainable.